Class Schedule

Women Writers - Spring 1999

Unit I - Early Women Writers - 14th to early 19th Centuries

Jan 25

Introduction to Women's literature; pictures;
Discussion of syllabus; literary terms.
Jan 27 Video and impromptu. Bedford handout - Formula
fiction "The Secret Sorrow" - Karen Van der Zee
and "The Sorrowful Woman" - Gail Godwin
Feb 1 Discussion of literary concepts and traditions of
women's literature. Movie clips and discussion groups.
Feb 3 "The Book of Margery Kempe", pp. 18-24
"Female Orations," Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, pp. 95-96
"A Vindication of the Rights of Women," Mary
, pp. 255-73.
Respond to Topic on ICA
Feb 8 "The Mortal Immortal," Mary Shelley, pp. 353-68
"Ain't I A Woman", Sojourner Truth, pp. 369-72
"The Life of a Slave Girl," Harriett Jacobs, pp. 460-64
Feb 10 "Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum," Aemilia Lanyer, pp. 41-44
"The Prologue," Anne Bradstreet, p. 61
"To the Ladies," Lady Mary Chudleigh, pp. 161-63
"On Being Brought from Africa to America," Phillis Wheatley, pp. 246-47
"From Sonnets from the Portugese," Elizabeth Barrett Browning, pp. 390-91
Feb 15 "Thirty-Eight," Charlotte Smith, p. 235
"Brother and Sister," George Eliot, p. 798-802
"I Felt a Funeral in My Brain," p. 861, "Much Madness is Divinest Sense," p. 867, "Because I Could Not Stop for " Death,p. 877 - Emily Dickinson
First Essay Due
Feb 17 Jane Erye, Charlotte Bronte, pp. 472-550  
Feb 22 Jane Eyre, pp. 550-622  
Feb 24 Jane Eyre, pp. 622-712 Respond to ICA Topic
Mar 1 Jane Eyre, pp. 712- END, Video  
Mar 3 Jane Eyre, Video (cont.) and Review  
Mar 6 Midterm Exam  

Unit 2 - Early Twentieth Century Women Writers

Mar 10 "Trifles," Susan Glaspell, pp. 1350-59
"The Blank Page," Isak Dinesen, pp. 1389-93
Mar 15 &


Spring Break!
Mar 22 "Professions for Women," Virginia Woolf,pp. 1345-47
"The Yellow Wallpaper," excerpts from Autobiography and Herland, pp. 1133-43 - Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Mar 24 "The Oher Two," Edith Wharton, pp. 1162-75
"Old Woman Magoun," Mary Wilkins Freeman, pp. 1101-13
to ICA
Mar 29 The Awakening, Kate Chopin, pp. 1011-1101
Discussion and preparation for trial.
Mar 31 The Awakening - Trial  
Apr 5 Easter  
Apr 7 The Awakening - Discussion and Video Second Essay Due

Unit 3 - Contemporary Women Writers

Apr. 12 "Rape Fantasies," Margaret Atwood, pp. 2222-27
"Seventeen Syllables," Hisaye Yamamoto, pp. 1834-42
Apr. 14 "A Company of Wolves," Angela Carter, pp. 2231-38
"She Unnames Them," Ursula Le Guin, pp. 1943-45
to ICA
Apr. 19 "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," Maya
,pp. 1916-20
"Revelation," Flannery O'Connor (handout)
Apr. 26 Reading Day - Conferences in office  
Apr. 28 Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, pp. 1-135 Fannie Flagg
May 3 Fried Green Tomatoes, pp. 136-240  
May 5 Fried Green Tomatoes, pp. 241-317 Respond
to ICA
May 10 Fried Green Tomatoes, pp. 318- End - Video  
May 12 Fried Green Tomatoes - Video (cont.) and Review  
Week of
May 17
Presentations of Final Papers/Projects/Exams  

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