EDU 395.06/595.06 - Creating a Webpage: Beginners


Dr. Kristi Siegel

Mount Mary College

Summer 2001





Course Description:

This course is designed for those who have never created a webpage.  By using Yahoo! Page Builder, FrontPage 2000, basic FTP techniques, and some image editing, students will learn how easy it is to create a basic website.  If time permits, forms' pages and some other more advanced features will be demonstrated.  The course also emphasizes effective web design and content, particularly content geared toward the classroom setting.



  • Understand basic web publishing terms and concepts;

  • Learn principles of effective web design and content;

  • Plan a website (with hyperlinked pages) that is easy to navigate;

  • Determine what elements are useful pedagogically;

  • Under basic principles of HTML;

  • Determine the various ways a website can be published (by using Yahoo! Page Builder exclusively, by using a combination of Yahoo! Page Builder and FrontPage or by publishing "live" from FrontPage to Yahoo GeoCities so that the FrontPage extensions will be supported;

  • Understand the difference between the internet and an intranet;

  • Add interactive elements to the website.

Required Texts:

  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000: Step-by-Step.  Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 1999.

  If you intend to use FrontPage 2000 to construct your webpage but do not have the software, the CD-ROM that accompanies the text contains a 45-day trial version of FrontPage 2000.  This is a full version that allows you to evaluate the software (including new features such as customizable theme, Format Painter, WYSIWYG fonts, and background spelling checking).  If you have questions or would like more information about the FrontPage 2000 trial version, visit the following Web pages:

  • Booklet of basic web publishing steps and design principles (Kristi Siegel).

Assignments and Grading:

Course grades will be based on participation, two quizzes, a brief website proposal, a completed website, and short oral presentation explaining the features of the website.

  • Participation
  • Quizzes
  • Website Proposal
  • Completed Website
  • Oral Presentation


Monday, June 18  
  • Introduction to course and syllabus.
  • Introduction to Internet and Web Publishing.
  • Sign up on GeoCities for free website; sign up for e-mail if necessary.
  • Basic web publishing concepts using Yahoo! PageBuilder.
  • Homework: locate at least two examples of good academic/classroom websites and two examples of less successful academic/classroom websites. Be prepared to defend your assessments.


Tuesday, June 19  
  • Continuation of basic concepts using Yahoo! Page Builder.
  • Limitations of Yahoo! PageBuilder.
  • Discussion of various types of hyperlinks.
  • Concepts for planning and designing website (brief proposal assigned).
  • Website terminology assigned; quiz on 

  • Thursday, June 21


Wednesday, June 20  
  • Create brief website proposal (due Thursday, June 21).
  • Build homepage and at least two secondary pages using Yahoo! PageBuilder.
  • Use some design elements such as a relevant background, clipart, font formatting, etc.


Thursday, June 21  
  • Review of basic webpage editing.
  • Quiz on internet and web terminology
  • Website proposal due (typed).
  • Introduction to FrontPage 2000 - basic concepts explained.
  • Discussion of FrontPage "extensions" and what components require "direct" publishing to ISP that support FrontPage extensions.
  • Basic FTP and uploading concepts explained and demonstrated.


Friday, June 22  
  • Create homepage and at least two secondary page using FrontPage 2000


Monday, June 25  
  • Continued instruction on FrontPage 2000.
  • Tables
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Customized Backgrounds
  • Manipulating graphics
  • Components such as hover buttons, hit counter
  • FrontPage 2000 terminology assigned (quiz on Thursday, June 28).


Tuesday, June 26  
  • Continued in-class work on websites.
  • Discussion of web content and elements useful in academic/classroom website.
  • Direct publishing using FrontPage introduced.
  • Discussion of elements requiring FrontPage extensions.
  • Using FrontPage themes; adding banners and navigational buttons


Wednesday, June 27  
  • Add components to FrontPage website.
  • Add themes and other components requiring FrontPage extensions if publishing website directly.


Thursday, June 28  
  • Quiz on FrontPage 2000 terminology.
  • Continued work on website.
  • Sign-up for oral presentations on websites.


Friday, June 29  
  • Completed website due
  • Oral presentation of website
  • Class evaluations



Helpful Web Publishing and Design Links: