Introduction to the Writing Major and Introduction to the English Major
EPW 199 - EPW 200
Opportunities, Activities, and Clubs

   Publishing Opportunities at Mount Mary College:

Paper Clips - Throughout the year, English Department faculty members invite students who have written excellent papers to submit these papers to Paper Clips, for possible publication. These papers are "peer-reviewed"; that is, the English teachers read all the papers (they cannot read any papers they've submitted). A paper must receive two "Yes's" to be published. A peer-reviewed paper is considered a more prestigious publication. Try to get as many papers as possible accepted into Paper Clips. If your papers aren't being solicited, you might ask your English teacher if there is anything you could do to revise a paper to make it "Paper Clips" worthy. Being able to list publications on your resume is a major plus (in addition to the wonderful feeling you'll get the first time you're "published").

Works Literary Magazine - Sandi Johnson, a senior in the EPW program, has begun a literary magazine. If you'd like to become involved, please contact her (ask me for more information), because a number of the students working on the magazine will be graduating in May 2005. This is a student run, student peer-reviewed magazine designed for students who wish to submit imaginative and creative writing such as short stories and poetry.

Fortnightly News
- Every month, the English Department publishes a newsletter. We are always on the lookout for good articles that relate to English, Writing, and English Education. In addition to news about the department, we publish book, movie, and drama reviews, articles providing writing or grammar tips, articles about different careers in the field, articles that present provocative information about issues that relate to the field in general, and articles about events and activities of interest. If you're interested in submitting an article, contact Ms. Jane Thompson, a faculty member in the English Department who is the paper's editor. Again, ask me for her contact information.

Arches - Whether or not you are an EPW major, working on Arches is an excellent hands-on experience that also will enhance your resume. Students may sign up for 1-3 credits for Arches (EPW 296), depending the level of involvement they'd like to fulfill. You have the opportunity to write articles for the paper, get involved in "what's happening" on the Mount Mary campus, and learn how a paper layout, design, and basic journalism principles.

Awards and Calls for Papers - Throughout the year, the English department posts information (generally, the on bulletin board outside the department office - NDH 239) on writing contests and writing conferences designed for undergraduates. This, again, is an excellent way to become published and acquire professional experience.
More to follow!

   Activities at Mount Mary College for English/EPW Majors:

   English Clubs at Mount Mary College: :
Major Events - At least once a year, the English Department hosts a mixer, so that new majors, current majors, English Department faculty, and alums can meet. Often, we have reading lists of favorite/recommended books, entertainment, and always lots of munchies and beverages.

Trips to Plays and Movies - Frequently, classes attend plays or movies; generally, other majors/minors/or students interested in English studies are invited to attend. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other majors and have a valuable cultural experience at the same time. Notices of upcoming events are posted on the English Department bulletin board, in Fortnightly News, and by e-mail. If you have an idea for an "outing," please call the English Department!

Open Mike and Media Mavens - The "open mike" experience provides a forum for budding poets. In addition, Media Mavens was a discussion group that talked about books, drama, and movies. Shannon Sloan-Spice is interested in resurrecting Media Mavens and initiating "open mike" events in the Cyber Cafe. Contact me ( for contact information.

Poetry Readings, Speakers, etc.
- The English Department has sponsored poetry readings, speakers, discussion forums, etc.  We would be very interested in your ideas for future events.
Sigma Tau Delta  -Sigma Tau Delta is one of the oldest honors societies. For the specific requirements needed to join Sigma Tau Delta, please contact, Dr. Mary Beth Duffey, the current advisor. at You can also get more information about Sigma Tau Delta at In addition to being a recognized honors society that will add prestige to your resume; the honors society hosts several events every year and all interested majors are invited.