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Frequently Used Grammatical Terms

a/k/a Grammar-all-in-one-Sheet

PrepositionsBS01001_.wmf (2720 bytes)

about   at   beyond   in   over    under

above   before by into past underneath

across behind concerning like regarding until

after below down near since up

against beneath during of through upon

along beside except off throughout with

among besides for on to within

around between from onto toward without

Subjects and Verbs

Non-Action (State of Being) Verbs

am   is  are   was   were    be   being   been


Personal Pronouns:    I    me   he   him   she   her    we   us   they

   them   it   you

Interrogative Pronouns: who   whom    whose   which   what

Demonstrative Pronouns: this    that   these   those

Indefinite Pronouns:

Singular:   another, anybody, anyone, each, either, everybody,

everyone, neither, nobody, no one, somebody,


Plural:        both, few, several

Either Plural or Singular (depending on rest of sentence):

all, any, enough, more, most, none, some

Possessive Pronouns:    her, here, his, its, my, mine, our, ours, their, theirs,

       whose, your, yours

Reflexive Pronouns: herself, himself, itself, myself, yourself, ourselves,

                   themselves, yourselves

Articles:    a    an    the


Coordinating Conjunctions:   and    but   or   nor

Correlative Conjunctions: both...and, either...or, neither...nor, not                                                     only...but also


Relative Pronouns: who   whom    whose   which   that

(Adjective Clause)


Subordinating Conjunctions

(Adverb Clauses)

after    because    than     whenever

although   before    though    where

as    if    till    wherever

as if,  in order that,   unless    while

as long as,   since,    until

as soon as,  so,   that,   when