Instructions for Creating a Forms' Page
What is your favorite season?

[These are radio box choices, meaning that only one choice may be made.] To insert radio buttons, select
Insert, Forms & Scripts, and select radio button.  Keep the general category the same for each button within a group and provide separate names for the radio button choice, e.g., in the example below the "Name" could be "season" and the value for each button could be (respectively): spring, summer, fall, winter.
What are your favorite seasonal activities? Check all that apply.

[These are checkboxes which means that more than one item may be selected.]  To add checkboxes, select
Insert, Forms & Scripts, and then checkboxes.  Use the same general name for each group of checkboxes (in the example below the general name is "Activities" and then assign a different value for each checkbox (in the example, below the values would be boating, skiing, cycling, raking leaves).
raking leaves
The two boxes below are both examples of "Text areas."  To insert text area boxes, select Insert, Forms & Scripts and then enter a logical name. The first box below could be called "firstname"; the second text area box might be called "homeworkfeedback." 
First name
Summarize the main points in the reading you did.  What pages did you read?
Listboxes or drop-down menus are similar to radio boxes in that only one choice may be selected.  Often list boxes are used to save space. To insert a listbox, select Insert, Forms & Scripts, and then Listbox.  After entering the listbox name, select "Add" for each option on the listbox menu.  Again, you would use the same general name (e.g., favoriteseason) but assign a different value (e.g., spring, summer, winter, fall) for each listbox choice.
What is your favorite season?
To add a submit button, select Insert, Forms & Scripts, and button.  The submit name should apply the general form you've created.  By selecting "submit" as the button type, the data will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you provided when you signed up for your Geocities account  
The reset button is inserted in the same manner as the "submit" button. However, its name would be "reset" and by selecting "reset" as the button type, someone filling out this form could reset or "clear" his/her answers and start over.
Date Activity Assignment
Week One

Orientation and Introductions

Discussion of syllabus and scope of course

Definition of technical writing and types of technical writing

"Chopping block" of tech writing: clarity and audience

Basic word processing shortcuts and techniques

Design principles in class exercise


Bring in example of good technical design and example of poor technical design for next class (be prepared to explain why examples are good or poor).
Week Two

Visual design and Graphics in-class work and assignments

Narrative strategies for writing technical content (in-class exercises and assignments)

Lego Block assignment explained


Lego Block assignment
Week Three

Lego Block presentations

Principles of technical descriptions and instructions (in-class exercises and assignment)

Instructional Chapter/manual assignment explained in-class work and discussion

Progress/Status Report explained and assigned


Status Report on Instruction Manual due


Instructional Chapter/Manual due

Week Four    
Week Five

Types of reports explained and discussed (in-class exercises and assignments).

In-class work on Instruction manuals

Principles of proposal writing

In-class work on Web site Proposal

Sign up for GeoCities web site


Read handout on website design.

Read Internet links on website design and construction.


Week Six    
Week Seven    
Week Eight

Proposals and Grants (cont.)

In-class exercises and assignments

In-class work on Website Proposal

In-class work on Web pages design, techniques, and writing effective web text


Web site proposal due
Week Nine    
Week Ten

Discussion of Website Proposals

In-class work on webpages

In-class work and discussion on presenting effective oral communication film on effective oral presentations

Explanation of Final Portfolio


Week Eleven

In-class work on websites

In-class work on oral presentations

In-class work on final portfolios


Week Twelve    
Week Thirteen    
Week Fourteen    
Week Fifteen

Oral Presentation on Website

Assessments of Oral presentations

Task Analysis

Final Portfolios collected


Week Sixteen