Curriculum Vitae - Kristi Siegel, Ph.D.
Conference Presentations
National/International Conferences
"Gossip as an Art Form: Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast and Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye."
Midwest Modern Language Association, Chicago, November 2006.

Session Coordinator and Moderator: “The Landscape of Exile: Young Adult Literature.” Presented “Dead
    Mothers/Active Daughters and the Landscape of Exile.” Midwest Modern Language Association,
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 10-13, 2005.

Moderated panel, “Theorizing Travel: Discourse, Image, and the Body” for the Fourth Biennial International
     Society of Travel Writing Conference. Hyatt-Regency, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. October 10-14, 2004.

“Return of the Repressed: The 'Bugs' Strike Back." Panel Moderator for “Fear, Conflict, and Identity in
     Global and Local Health Contexts.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association.
     San Antonio, Texas, April 7-10, 2004.

“Women of Distinction, Women as Leaders, and well uh…Mothers.” Valuing Women as Leaders.
     Symposium 2004: Transforming Conflict: Women's Ways of Leading. Multi-state conference
     hosted by Mount Mary College, March 5–6, 2004.

“Publishing without Perishing: Editing Travel Writing and Collections on Travel Writing - A Roundtable
     Discussion.” In Transit: The 3rd North American Conference on Travel Writing. Cleveland, Ohio.
     October 25-27, 2002.

Moderated  panel and presented “A Cautionary Aside: Questions Posed by a Technologically Adept
     Luddite” for Symposium 2002: “Promise or Peril? Reflecting on Computer Technology: Educational,
     Psychological, and Ethical Implications.” March 21–22, 2002.

"Outreach Strategies that Work: Mount Mary College's Partnership with Journey House and the
     Milwaukee Achiever Program."
Urban Partnerships: Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan
     Universities Conferenc
e. University of Missouri - St. Louis, March 25-26, 2001.

"Her Mother/Her Self: A Very Easy Death." Simone de Beauvoir: The Public and Private
     Sector.  The 115th MLA (Modern Language Association) Conference. Chicago,
     December 27-30, 1999

"Docile Bodies: A Rhetorical Analysis of Williams Obstetrics" Michigan Women's Studies
     25th Anniversary Conference, "Women and Health Care: Local, National, and Global." 
     National Conference.  Saginaw Valley State University, April 4-5, 1998

"Whose Story: Class, Empire and Selfhood in A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson
     Burnett." [Co-authored with Jane Thompson]. National Conference. Mid-Atlantic Popular
     Culture/American Culture Association.  Penn State. November 1-3, 1996

"Reflections of Success: Culture, Class and Race in Victorian England. [Co-authored with
     Jane Thompson,]. National Conference. First Annual Conference of Victorian Interdis-
     ciplinary Studies Association of the Western United States. University of California-
     Northridge.  November 9-10, 1996

"Re-Membering/Re-Mothering the Postmodern Body."  Plots & Plans: Eighth Annual
     Women's Studies Conference.  National Conference. University of Michigan. March 8-10,

"Re-Membering/Re-Mothering the Postmodern Body."  5th Annual Midwest Graduate
     Student Feminist Conference. Northwestern University.  Feb. 15-17, 1991.

"A Distant Mirror: The Figure of the Mother, Aging, and the Female Autobiographical
     Subject." Fourth Annual Feminist Graduate Students' Conference. University of
     Wisconsin-Madison. Feb. 16-18, 1990.

"Grazing the Bull's Horns: The Lure of Autobiography." The Subject of Autobiography.
     International Conference, University of Southern Maine - Portland. Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 1989

Regional and Local Conferences:

"How to Work at Warp Speed with Word 97/2000's Shortcuts."
Strategies for Communicating
     Across Campus.
Mount Mary College Faculty/Staff/Administration Workshop.
    January 10, 2001.  Sponsored by Communucation Across Campus (C-X-C) and Faculty
     Development Committee.

"Designing and Assessing Effective Written Communication."  Brown Bag Lunches.  C-X-C
     (Communication Across Campus) and Faculty Development Program.  Mount Mary College,
     November 28, 2000.

"Creating Effective Presentations Using PowerPoint 97" WICPA Conference.  Country
     Inn Hotel and Conference Center, March 18, 1998.

"Women's Autobiography: The Daughter's Discourse." 15th Annual Women Studies
     Conference.  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Oct. 4-6, 1990.