Kristi Siegel
English Department
Mount Mary College
Schedule for Module Three -
Research Paper on Women and Leadership
Week Seven - Oct. 16-21
Week Nine - Oct. 30 - Nov 4
Week 7

Monday and Tuesday are the college's official midterm "break" days so I'm not scheduling any work for those days.

Note:  This week I'd like you to focus on reading the links for this module (in preparation for our "real-time" class on
Saturday, October 21 at 1:00pm in the computer lab (basement of Haggerty Library). In addition to discussing the research paper and any other concerns you may have, we'll be going over the midterm impromptus and I'll be handing back and discussing the midterm test.

Read over the research paper assignment and links carefully.  Have a working thesis and, preferably, an introductory paragraph ready for class on October 21.  If you are not going to be at the real-time class, please e-mail the working thesis and introductory paragraph.

2) Complete the literary analysis revision; it's due on
Thursday, October 19 but I will give some leeway for those who feel they need a bit more time.

Read the material in your text on writing a research paper: Chapters 20, 21, and the first half of Chapter 22 (pp. 305-391). You don't need to read every page; skim over the parts that you know or that do not relate to this paper.

4) Spend the rest of the week thinking about a topic for the research paper.  Do not settle for a topic that fulfills the assignment but doesn't "fulfill" you.
Week 9

This week you should be concentrating on completing the leadership paper (
due by Nov. 2).  I'll upload a student research paper for you to critique.

Critique the student paper under "Documents" in Nicenet.  I'll have a conferencing topic for you to post the short critique of the student research paper.  Post your critique by Tuesday, October 31.

Prepare an outline of your research paper.  You can do the outline after you've completed the paper (it will help you see how well your paper's organized) or-better yet-before you've written the paper (it will help you see what areas need more data and help you organize the paper effectively before you start writing in earnest).  I'd like the outline included with your paper.  The paper is due on Thursday, Nov. 2.
Happy Halloween !!
Week Eight - Oct. 23 - 28
Week Ten - Nov. 6 -11
Week 8

This week you should be focusing on doing reading and research (at the library, on the Internet) and on getting the interviews you need for this paper.  Do not wait until the last minute to line up an interview.  You have plenty of time to schedule your interviews (do it now!).

1) Do numbers 1,3,4,5,6,7,15, and 16 from the Documentation exercise on page 374 of your text.  Indicate what formatting system you're using (MLA or APA) and then format the references correctly.  I'd also like you to include-as the last reference-an article from the Internet.
Due October 25 (e-mail the answers to me).

Write a short report on what materials you have found or will need to get in order to write your research paper.  Also include the people you will interview or have made an appointment to interview (a phone interview is fine, too, if you are comfortable with this format).  In short, I'd like you to e-mail a progress report by Oct. 27.  This will give me feedback and force you to start gathering and organizing your materials.

3) Get to the library and do some

4) Begin critiquing the student research paper posted in NiceNet (under Documents).  For more information, see next week's assignments.
Week Ten

This week you will be focusing on revising your research paper.  The revision is due (and please include your first paper with my comments for reference) on
Thursday, Nov. 9. Our second "real-time" class will be scheduled on Saturday, November 11 at 1:00pm in the computer lab (below Haggerty Library).  Attendance is mandatory.

Send me a short report indicating the steps you'll be taking to revise your research paper. Please be specific.  I'd like you to do this report both to reassure me that you understand what items need to be revised and, also, to help you organize your thoughts. Due by Nov. 7

2) Don't forget to VOTE.  Your vote does count.

3) In preparation for the real-time class listed above, I'd like you to read the assignment and links for
Module 4 (the Cultural Critique) very carefully.  I'd also like each of you to bring in an example of a cultural critique (simply an article that take a position on some aspect of society) that you've found in the newspaper, a magazine, a book, or the Internet.  Be prepared to summarize or read the article to the rest of the class.
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